Second decan scorpio compatibility

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The best gifts for a Scorpio are sentimental choices, clothing especially something sexy , and non-fiction books. Energetic, action-oriented, fearless, tenacious, thoughtful, pleasant, eloquent, devoted, patient, ambitious, passionate. Emotionally hardened, sarcastic, suspicious, destructive, vindictive, shrewd, possessive, intolerant, ruthless. Habits The Scorpio holds a grudge till eternity. This miserable habit can keep their near and dear ones away, and can deprive them of the happiness, love and trust that they truly deserve.

They should learn to love themselves, and realize what they are missing out - to let go of their anger and past resentments. They also tend to blame others for any and all problems.

Scorpio & Scorpio Sun: Love Compatibility

Most of them are always complaining that their partners are their greatest source of stress. They must stand up to their true power, and not retort to an escapist attitude. With the amazing will-power that they possess, they can surely do this. Active, analytical, loyal - amongst other Scorpio traits. Scorpio magnified, these natives have enhanced Scorpio traits, and are more "Scorpio" than those in the other two Decanates.

They are active and usually physically fit. They are strong, courageous and blessed with great zeal and energy - which helps them achieve whatever they want in life. They are also analytical, and usually very resourceful. They know how to get their work done, by hook or by crook.

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Mysterious and secretive as they are, they are magnetic and passionate to the core. They also love the limelight, but only secretly. They get frustrated if everything do not revolve around them, or if they are not pampered with attention. They are usually lucky in love. They are dedicated and loyal in relationships and absolutely detest betrayal, as they demand equal loyality from their friends, family and especially partners.

On the slightest hint of betrayal, or when double crossed, they can get extremely vindictive and vengeful.

Scorpio Decan 2 ~ General Meaning

Robson, Does this also make excelllent stock market and foreign exchange traders? Your works are much appreciatted. Thank you. My birthday is November 02nd. Ive seen some sites put me as a decan 1. So which decan am i? You need to look at the degree of your Sun. Before 10 is decan 1. Use the horoscope maker if you need to find out. Waiting, for my time to come again. So if I can do it so can you scorpio. Stand up and be more than this life. I am with natal Sun at exctly 15degree of Scorpio.

Better end it soon probably. Nooo you will evolve, I promise. All of your hardships are hurting you yes, but like the Phoenix, you will rise from them a new person. Please hold on. Bad outlook for relationships and marriage. When Scorpio and Aquarius come together, it mingles different needs and different philosophies. Scorpio has an emotional intensity with which they face life.

Aquarius has an unusual, idealistic worldview. When Scorpio may be more introverted and prefer to be alone with their lover, Aquarius enjoys a night out with friends. They may appear to have few common interests, but these two are both possessed of strong willpower. When they set this force to a common goal, they are assured of success. Astromate : This is not bad. Probably the most erotic sexual combination.

The Fish is willing to be a part of your whims and desires, and that makes for a lasting union. HF : It is difficult to have a long lasting relationship between the two. ScorpioSite: These two complement each other extremely well. A great romance; Their passion can last a lifetime. The two Signs share the same Element, Water, and thus have a good understanding of each other. Scorpio is very deep and covert, often caught up in their own secret plans, while Pisces is idealistic and looks for the nuances of a situation.

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However, Pisces also has a tendency to withdraw into their own mind, and can forgive Scorpio for being mysterious or withdrawn at times. One may be jealousy, which is simply a belief of the right to possess. It was easy for me as an adult to see everyone as a free spirit and that I have no right of ownership or possession. If you can let go of jealousy, life will be so much more beautiful and free. Love all the breakdowns of signs.

My 2 brother inlaws are Pieces which is suppose to be scorpions most compatable sign, and I can honestly see why. Everything said about Aries and Scorpio couldnt be further from the truth, I dated an aries who was self obsessed. He always thought he was better, never had a goal in life and the sex, it was terrible.

The Scorpio Woman

Heck even my brother is an aries and a total jerk to me. They are so incompatible it isnt funny. The fire of Aries is inquenchable and overburden by the water of scorpio. Its my opinion but i can point out an aries quickly these days because of my experiences from them and I run the other direction! Like how come? Hey Ian. I fell real hard for a Gemini. He used to flirt a lot with me. So, I really fell for his charms, but it was kind of disappointing. Every compatibility written here for Scorpio is correct otherwise.

It really all depends on what else is in your chart.

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  • I was in love with a sagittarius… still am I guess. I would not recommend any full blown scorpio to take on a sagittarius. The sex is great but for the long run I would not advise it.

    Scorpio; Decan II. November 3 – November 13

    I have been in love with a Scorpio for over 27 years. I had thought we were soul mates, and that he was the love of my life. Capricorn is ruling my sign right now, and I am thinking with my brain, not my heart, as Pisces is prone to do on occasion. Goodbye love of my life…. I hope what I read is true :. Im a scorpio in love with a sag and im pretty sure he likes me too but we have a great compatibility as friends and we both want a relationship its just the matter of who has the guts to ask the other out. The sag is a sign that loves freedom and idk if i can handle it with my jealousy.

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