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Weekly Horoscope: August 26 - September 1

Monday, 7 October — Sunday, 13 October.

What Your Sign's September Horoscope Predictions Mean for You

The element of surprise. The Month Ahead for Leo. The overall inflow of money will be stable since Rahu is posited in your eleventh house. You will gain money owing to your professional abilities or may get a salary hike. You will earn well in the months of March-June from your business. There would be a good inflow of money during this period in your family.

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You may get lucky as your children will become the reason behind a financial gain, anticipate it during July-August. It may be because of success in their endeavours. Sun will be your Lagna which will help you attain an authoritative position in the society. The second half of this year is also good as far as your economic stability is concerned because Rahu is posited in your eleventh house before September and will move into tenth house after its transit.

Overall, this year is excellent and you would enjoy happiness and gains in terms of money.

Leo daily horoscope january 5 2020

We know that a healthy body is essential to enjoy a happy life and it's beautiful moments. You should be well, both physically and mentally, so as to fight with your weaknesses. As per the prediction, you will enjoy good health throughout the year because of the placement of Planet Saturn in your 6th house. During March-May, natives of your sign need to take care of the health of their family members. Other than your spouse, your father or kids may face some health issues.

Your siblings may also need a doctor. While the year ends, your children's health will be a reason for you to worry. While your own health is stable, you need to take some time for relaxation and performing activities that soothe your mind. Taking care of others, you must not forget to look after yourself. This year, you may expect good results in terms of career and profession.

Saturn would remain in your 6th house strengthening your horoscope. This planetary position indicates towards victory over your enemies. The starting of the year may not be good but as soon as Saturn transits on January 24, it would start favouring you. You will feel lucky until March end. There's no probability of any big loss in your career. You will be loved by your seniors at your workplace and co-workers will support you and offer good advice.

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You may change your job during the initial months, get a promotion or a hike in your current salary. The year is going to be good for your economic perspective. Your income would be stable throughout the year.

Sagittarius April

There will not be any significant fluctuation in your income. During the months from April to July, your earnings will be good. However, you may feel that luck doesn't favour you much. You will successfully cope up with shortcomings in your career if any.

Tarot Retreat with Donna Wignall - 27th to 29th March

Your enemies will not dare to mess with you. In the month of September, you may earn from foreign sources. In the months of November-December, work hard or there would be work pressure that you will later regret. Manage your time as well as stress intelligibly. If you have your own business, the month of February will prove to be beneficial for you.

Leos who wish to start a new business venture may go ahead during this time. Even a short jaunt can shake things up and help you see things from a fresh perspective. The next two weeks are peak manifesting time for this lunation, but really, its energy will reverberate for up to six months, giving you ample time to bust through a plateau and widen your horizons. Our future is written in the stars!.

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March corresponds to the Gujarati months of Phaguna - Chaitra. The planet of unpredictability could throw a professional curveball into the mix. Popular Categories. The stars foretell alot, about your moods, emotions, health trends and more.

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Have been reading you for long bow, just can see that something is coming to affect mt professional as well as family life cancer for family and scorpio for marriage may be. Jeremy Corbyn, and astrology Jeremy Corbyn is the new leader of Labour and he is an old style socialist, grown in the belly of the unions. Literal travel will be thrilling now, helping couples reconnect and strengthen their bond and create new erotic memories. Single Cats will be feeling frisky and adventurous, and this vibration will attract intriguing people into your field. Be sure to pack a journal—and your sexiest lingerie.

Also favored during this transit are solo ventures and educational growth. Start pinning decor inspiration and see how your room configurations align with a Feng Shui bagua map. Is your desk in your love corner? Jan 4, Daily Horoscopes: January 5, Read your horoscope below to find out what that means for you. All times Leo July 22 - August You might be amazed what a fresh coat of paint or new furniture arrangement can do.

moonwater tarot leo march 2020 Moonwater tarot leo march 2020
moonwater tarot leo march 2020 Moonwater tarot leo march 2020
moonwater tarot leo march 2020 Moonwater tarot leo march 2020
moonwater tarot leo march 2020 Moonwater tarot leo march 2020
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moonwater tarot leo march 2020 Moonwater tarot leo march 2020
moonwater tarot leo march 2020 Moonwater tarot leo march 2020

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