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I discovered it a few years ago, but it took me some time to realize that it belonged to a Deb Houlding. The site really is not about you, but about astrology, which is rare and refreshing. I did not want the site to be just about me, as part of me does not like too much attention I have the Moon in Virgo in the 4 th house , but because of that, I think, people have been extraordinarily generous in letting me use their content on the site.

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One person could never have done it all, and I think because the site was always about the astrology first and foremost, other people have contributed much more than if I had made it all about myself and my own views. I found that I would just start something, try out an idea on the site, and someone else would volunteer to make it happen and take it further; so if someone else was involved, I was now more invested in it myself. I am finally now thinking of putting up a small personal site, separate from the Skyscript website, that will talk about upcoming events and such. Thank you for taking the time to talk, Deb, and I look forward to seeing you in California in September!

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Deb Houlding kindly provided her birth data, and agreed to share her horoscope with us. The horoscope is below. Filed under: Astrologer Interviews Tagged: astrologer , astrologers , astrology , deborah houlding , forthcoming book , Horary Astrology Comments: 5 Responses.

Benjamin Dykes, Author, Traditional Astrologer and Translator

July 8, by Nina Gryphon. If you have missed Part 1 of the interview , read it first. Deb will be presenting a workshop on horary astrology Forensic techniques this September in San Francisco. I actually started out as a skeptic. I always assumed the daily horoscope column in the newspaper was completely made up, and that is how I thought of astrology in general. To my mind, anyone who could believe astrology was a bit intellectually deficient.

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  4. The way that I got involved in astrology is that I promised a ride to an astrology class to an older friend of mine without a car. In Hellenistic astrology, the recognition of the triplicity lay in the fact that it facilitates agreement between the signs that are associated through the shape and symbolism of the triangle. Consequently any planets that are placed within those signs are able to create an harmonious blend of energies. Ancient Assignment of Triplicity Rulers Each group of triplicities has its own set of planetary rulers.

    Lilly mentioned two for each triplicity - a day ruler and a night-time ruler - but originally there were three rulers for each sect. The list of triplicity rulers given by Dariot in the 16th century [2] is a more faithful reproduction of the earlier scheme used by the likes of Vettius Valens and Dorotheus in the classical period. In this system each triplicity has two rulers which exchange priority according to whether the chart is diurnal or nocturnal, plus a third ruler which is common to both sects. By night Jupiter, then the Sun, then Saturn'.

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    The selection of triplicity rulers is dependent upon the correct alignment between planetary nature and sect; in other words, a diurnal triplicity could not be governed by a nocturnal planet and vice-versa. The argument is that nocturnal planets have a very different quality to diurnal ones, and that beneficial influences are increased when planets are located in a suitably compatible environment. One point that confuses many people about planetary sects is that. Mars - notably hot and dry - is aligned to the nocturnal sect which is cold and moist.

    If this seems confusing, remember that it was done to moderate the natural excess of Mars and not to strengthen it. Mars is damaging through its excess of heat and is better able to produce a beneficial influence when its natural qualities are harnessed than when they are promoted, as they would be if Mars were aligned with the diurnal sect. The same goes for Saturn, which is assigned to the warmth of the diurnal sect in order to moderate its naturally excessive coldness. Breakdown of Rulership Logic Given that the Aries triplicity comprises Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, we might expect that it would be ruled by Mars, Sun and Jupiter, the respective rulers of these signs.

    However, Mars cannot be accepted as a ruler because it is assigned to the nocturnal sect and this triplicity is diurnal. Saturn is therefore substituted for Mars and acts as a co-ruler for the triplicity both day and night. The Capricorn triplicity comprises Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn three nocturnal signs. It might be argued that Mercury should take a part in ruling this triplicity because of its dominion over Virgo, but the intrinsically dry nature of Mercury makes it uncomfortable in the moist nocturnal triplicity, so the Moon, who delights under such conditions, especially at night, is substituted.

    Saturn, the diurnal ruler of Capricorn is also substituted for Mars which is better placed in the nocturnal sect. The Libra triplicity is diurnal, comprising Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Saturn takes precedence during the day, because it both rules Aquarius and is exalted in Libra, while Mercury, ruler of Gemini takes precedence at night. Venus, the ruler of Libra is dismissed because it is a nocturnal planet and so needs to be substituted for a diurnal one.

    The Houses – ISAR

    The options are Jupiter or the Sun. Since the Sun is essentially debilitated in two of the three signs that make up this triplicity, Jupiter is the natural choice. Finally, the Cancer triplicity is nocturnal, comprising Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. The rulers of these signs are the Moon, Mars and Jupiter, but because Jupiter is diurnal it is substituted for nocturnal Venus. Capricorn trigon - Venus, Moon, Mars Most early astrologers used all three planets, rotating their priority by day and night, but many later ones, including Lilly, chose to use only the principal rulers.

    Perhaps they rejected the convoluted logic that lay behind the definition of sect, or perhaps they were confused by Ptolemy who appears to mention only two rulers for the Aries and Capricorn triplicities, yet explicitly mentions three rulers for the others. Use of the Three-Rulership scheme The 3-rulership scheme maintains a natural symbolic significance to the principles encapsulated by the Triad, particularly in allowing the three rulers to be used as significators of the beginning, middle and end of any project. Although astrologers make poor use of them today, it would be difficult to overstate the importance of triplicities in classical astrology, especially in this kind of symbolic overview of any situation.

    Dorotheus, writing in the 1st century, says of them: I tell you that everything which is decided or indicated is from the lords of the triplicities, and as for everything of afflictions and distress which reaches the people of the world and the totality of men, the lords of the triplicities decide it. In his Carmen Astrologicum, Dorotheus shows how the triplicities can be used to interpret almost any aspect of life. For example, in a diurnal nativity the Sun and its three triplicity rulers indicate the condition of the father, while the Moon and its triplicity rulers will tell you about the life of the Mother.

    The following charts are taken from ancient texts to demonstrate the use of triplicity rulers in practice. For the record, I have experimented with this technique on many examples of my own and have so far been impressed with the results. Practical Examples In judging the overall fortune and condition of life, Dorotheus advises us to consider the Sun and the rulers of its triplicity in a diurnal nativity and the Moon and the rulers of its triplicity in a nocturnal nativity. Chart 1 is a nocturnal nativity so it is ruled by the Moon.

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    Deborah houlding astrologer
    Deborah houlding astrologer
    Deborah houlding astrologer
    Deborah houlding astrologer
    Deborah houlding astrologer
    Deborah houlding astrologer

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